Starfish point

Where ocean stars live

Witness the incredible beauty and diversity of starfish in their natural habitat. From their vibrant colors to their unique shapes, starfish are a truly mesmerizing sight to behold.

Starfish Point in Cayman is named after the many wild starfish that once populated the area. Now only a few remain and it is vital that we do not harm them.

Starfish are echinoderms which means that they have a water vascular system that circulates water and oxygen through their bodies when they suction onto rocks or sand using their tube feet. The starfish located at starfish point have thick, prickly skin that acts as armour and a softer underbelly that makes it easier for them to move.

Since starfish have a water vascular system they cannot be lifted out of the water or they will drown. Starfish belong in the water and it is illegal to remove them! Starfish cannot survive outside of the water and taking them out puts them under immense stress. This means that you cannot lift them out of the water at all.

The water at Starfish Point is very calm and relatively shallow which allows you to take perfect pictures without taking them out of the water.